Reasons and Solutions for WhatsApp APP is Banned

If you are wechat user and get a new phone, the first thing to do: download WeChat app.The same goes for Whatsapp users:Download WhatsApp app.

WhatsApp Messenger has more users than WeChat and is used almost all over the world, which is why foreign trade people must learn to use WhatsApp to develop customers.

WhatsApp app has a 98% open rate and a 30%-40% reply rate. In other words, this is the world-class "private domain traffic", and foreign trade people can regard it as an infinite treasure for developing customers!

However, seeing other people using WhatsApp app to make inquiries, the orders exploded. I use it myself, but it is banned, unstable, and I can't find the contact information.Today, we will discuss how to use WhatsApp Messenger correctly and detonate your orders!

Whatsapp app

Getting banned at every turn? Check yourself if you did these things!

First of all, let's answer the question of the title that everyone is most concerned about. WhatsApp’s account ban rules are very strict. In addition to the crackdown on marketing practices in recent years, foreign trade people must know clearly under what circumstances WhatsApp will be banned.

The registered IP segment is banned

Many foreign trade people reported that they were banned from the WhatsApp account they just registered without sending anything. In fact, this is not your problem, but the official detected that there is a violation of this IP segment, such as a large number of malicious marketing, or being reported, etc., the official blocked the entire IP segment.

Solution: Modifying the IP has certain risks. It is not recommended. In this case, you can stop for a while and wait for the official to unblock the IP before registering.

Send Bulk Marketing Messages

As soon as many foreign trade people sign up for WhatsApp account, they start to send a large number of mass messages. They can't wait to send all the contact information they have collected. As a result, the account is blocked after they have not posted much. That is because the system has judged you as a marketing account.

Solution: The newly registered number needs special attention. Do not use the group sending function in the first 10 days. You can use the mobile phone address book (such as adding two numbers to each other's address book), and send messages to no more than 5 people per day. In this way, the system will determine that this is a normal number.

Network environment problems

Many foreign trade companies use the Internet improperly or fail to pay attention to some small details, resulting in a batch of accounts being blocked at the same time.

Solution: Keep the registered and used devices the same. If a mobile device is blocked, do not log in or register a new account immediately, which will easily lead to being blocked together; use your own traffic, and do not use public WiFi or company WiFi.

In short, WhatsApp Messenger should never be used for marketing as soon as you sign up. In case of being banned, you can also send an email to the official to appeal, and there is a certain chance of unblocking. After the appeal is successful, you can summarize the reasons for the ban.

Customer phone

At present, it is not possible to directly search for users on WhatsApp app. You must first have the customer's contact information. Here are 2 ideas and 3 tips for you to get it!

The first idea: let customers take the initiative to add you

Posting your own number or link on the public platform is similar to the drainage of domestic marketing. For example, you can leave your contact information on forums, Facebook, TikTok and other social platforms, and let interested customers take the initiative to add you through WhatsApp. It should be reminded that in this way, try to use the work number as much as possible and pay attention to your privacy.

The second idea: you take the initiative to add customers

In fact, everyone is using this method, such as obtaining business cards from exhibitions, Google map search, B2B platform, Skype information bar, customs data, etc. These methods are relatively common, so we will not discuss them here.

Google search group: Enter on the search page, and then add the keywords you want to search. After searching for relevant websites, click the group link to join. (Currently, WhatsApp groups are limited to 256 people, which can only be accessed by clicking on the link or pulling people in the group, similar to WeChat groups.)

Facebook search group: Facebook acquired WhatsApp, so you can search directly by keywords on Facebook, and you can directly import it into WhatsApp.

Create your own group: If you can't find the group you want, you can create a group yourself, such as an industry exchange group, a dry goods output group, etc., and send the group to the relevant social platform, so that customers can actively join.

Problems that need to be paid attention to when operating a Whatsapp group

WhatsApp app can form a small private domain traffic group by establishing its own group, but there are certain risks in operating a group, and improper operation is likely to outweigh the gains.We suggest that the operation content can start from the following aspects:

  • Send content that customers are interested in: such as some industry information, product evaluation, useful dry goods information, hot topics, etc., so that customers are not disgusted, and even take the initiative to help you spread.
  • Product Q&A and user suggestions: For some loyal customers, groups can be used to strengthen maintenance, collect problems and needs encountered by customers, and answer questions in a timely manner to provide solutions.

To sum up, WhatsApp app is indeed a simple and efficient communication tool, which can be used as the first "gate" to communicate with potential customers. However, Whatsapp still has problems such as being blocked, easily leaking customer information, and incapable of efficient management. It needs to be used in conjunction with customer management tools to achieve twice the result with half the effort!

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