Quick Shortcut Maker For Android: Make Your Operations One Step Faster

Before using this Quick Shortcut Maker, I need to introduce Android's program operation mechanism.

When we open an application on the desktop, we actually just start its main activity. For example, when we open the settings, we actually start "com.android.settings", but maybe when we click on a specific setting item You will notice a program switching animation, which means that it switches activities, for example, the phone in my hand switches to the "AirplaneModeFragment" activity when selecting airplane mode.

quick shortcut maker

But can we create a shortcut key to directly start to "AirplaneModeFragment" without skipping "com.android.settings"? That's what this Quick Shortcut Maker does! It can directly start a specific activity in the application. By the way, many activities of many applications (especially system applications) have no entry, but these activities often allow you to modify some important parameters.

Quick Shortcut Maker is a software for creating shortcuts for Android phones. Easy-to-use free gadget, in fact, the function is just like its name, it supports the quick creation of applications, even the running application can be operated, you can check the content by calling the activity, the application information inside and the prompt to start, etc. It is very detailed, and you can also create and manage shortcuts. The interface is very simple and classified and detailed.

Software features of Quick Shortcut Maker

  • You can choose from a variety of themes, whichever one you want to change;
  • Support progressive and normal search;
  • Create a separate shortcut for installed apps;
  • Manage and set shortcuts;
  • There are too many applications on the mobile phone, you can create different shortcuts for them, which one you want to run is easy to find.

Software advantage of Quick ShortcutMaker

  • It can be said to be a powerful and convenient gadget application, you can choose the desktop theme in the application that creates the shortcut;
  • Even running applications can be created, support switching of multiple search methods, and also be classified according to applications and my favorites;
  • In fact, there are detailed prompts, so the operation is relatively simple. When there are too many applications on the device, remember to create different shortcuts to facilitate the search.

Quick ShortcutMaker Instructions for Use

  • Long tap the home screen.
  • Click on "Widgets".
  • Long click on the "Activity" icon, which has shortcut icons.
  • Drag it somewhere on the screen.
  • The maker of quick shorts will launch.
  • Select an activity, edit it, and click Create.
  • A shortcut will be created on the home screen.

The use of Quick Shortcut Maker is not complicated, you just need to find the application you want to create a shortcut in the activities of the home page, and click to expand. You can also quickly find the application you are looking for by searching. Click the upper left corner to switch between "Progressive Search" and "Normal Search".

You can then continue to customize the shortcut name and icon on the shortcut editing page, or you can click the asterisk in the upper right corner to set it as your favorite. However, in my opinion, this function is of little practical significance, because after the configuration is completed, the application will basically not be opened.

This function is very useful for native desktops, but many third-party desktops, such as Nova, come with the function of setting shortcuts. However, I don't like the arrangement and design of Nova, which is particularly difficult to use, so I continue to recommend this simple Quick Shortcut Maker.

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