Puffin Web Browser App Using Tutorial

Today, I want to introduce Puffin Web Browser, a super easy-to-use mobile browser APP. It has amazing high-speed web page loading speed. The most recommended one is the built-in Adobe Flash Player player, which can also watch high-quality video on mobile devices. Flash Movies and Play Flash Games! In addition, there are virtual joysticks and keyboards, so you can enjoy the functions of the desktop version at any time. Free download for Android and iOS systems.

Puffin Web Browser APP for Android

Puffin Web Browser App Download

  • Android official Google Play installation: Puffin browser Flash play Android APP download
  • App Store installation: Puffin mobile Flash browser iOS (iPhone, iPad) App
  • Android app apk download platform - 627a

Puffin Web Browser Tutorial/Introduction

  1. Go to download Puffin Web Browser is as simple as using a general browser, no need to download additional plug-ins, you can directly browse the web by entering the URL above. In the toolbar, you can switch the viewing mode between the mobile version and the computer version at any time. If you want to watch Flash movies, it is recommended to switch to the computer version mode~ It will be better to watch when the full screen is turned on.
  2. Set to save traffic, don't be afraid to watch videos and let online data report! The default search engines Google, Yahoo, bing, etc… can be set according to personal preference.
  3. Watch high-definition Flash movies and live streaming on your phone! Mobile devices can also play Flash games~~ It also supports virtual keyboard and mouse, which is awesome.

When using the puffin browser to finish a mobile game, the default is not to open the full screen, and the user needs to manually set it to display the full screen. Here, the editor will introduce the setting method of the full-screen mode of the puffin browser for you. Those who need it can come and have a look.

How to set full screen in puffin browser?

  • Open the puffin browser and click Settings in the upper right corner of the interface;
  • "Flash Theater Mode" will appear in the setting interface, we click to turn it on;
  • After the theater mode is turned on, you will find that the puffin browser is displayed in full screen.

Puffin's browser features complete display of web pages and perfect support for flash. It is not dominant in feature richness, but it is more than enough to simply display web page elements. The most powerful thing is complete flash support. It can fully display flash video and play flash games on mobile devices without any plug-ins.

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