Offline Viewing and Bluetooth Sharing Features of YouTube Go Are All Indispensable

Google has launched a new mobile app in New Delhi - YouTube Go, tailored for Indian users. The app further subdivides and broadens the video sharing service, giving users more options when it comes to downloading videos. This can not only save traffic for users, but also perform normal download tasks when the network environment is poor.

YouTube Go Android

Every video in YouTube Go has a preview slideshow, so users can know in advance what the video will be about before watching or saving it. In addition, users can also see the size of the video file and the memory space left on the phone before downloading. Plus, users can stream videos to those around them via Bluetooth on YouTube Go, so they don't have to worry about wasting data while transferring files.

Two years ago, it implemented offline playback on YouTube Go Android.In June, it released an app called Smart Office, which allows users to automatically download in a relatively cheap or completely free environment selected video. The original intention of YouTube Go is also very simple - Google hopes that users in places with slow Internet speeds and expensive traffic can still enjoy convenient Internet services, which is really the conscience of the industry.

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