Nextdoor App Ushered in Accelerated Development as the Epidemic Recurs

Under the repeated effects of the epidemic, the neighborhood social app has ushered in accelerated development.Nextdoor App is listed in the United States, and the community track is popular with capital

According to reports, the overseas unicorn company Nextdoor will be listed in the United States through a SPAC, with a valuation of nearly 5 billion US dollars. Nextdoor is the largest neighborhood social platform in the United States, currently has about 60 million verified users, covering 27.5k+ communities. Nearly 1 in 3 households in the United States use NextDoor App.

nextdoor app

On Nextdoor's platform, the main functions include:

  • Recommend local activities or businesses (such as restaurants, etc.)
  • Receive the latest local news
  • Receive crime and security alerts from other users or local agencies
  • Users Trade second-hand goods between
  • Hire a variety of staff

Among them, the most active section of users is the information release section. The information shared and released is for people in the community to gather together based on a certain demand/topic. The information is spread more widely, but the interaction is not deep.

In contrast, although the situation of community group buying in China is in tatters, the platform with neighborhood social as the track has not been well-known and well-distributed until the fans' life with community employment as the entry point enters the media's field of vision, the situation has changed.

Fans life community employment, in line with national conditions and highly recognized

However, after all, different countries have different needs for neighborhood communities. For example, the crime rate in the United States is relatively high, and neighborhoods need a neighborhood community such as Nextdoor to share information about crimes nearby and help each other. In China , the construction of facilities in this area is relatively in place, and there is no legal theory of gun ownership, so "fan life" still shows a social form that is more in line with China's national conditions.

First of all, according to incomplete statistics, there are 1-1.5 million communities in China, which are denser and larger in size and have a wider market demand; secondly, with the construction of digital China, the popularity of various map apps and the improvement of express logistics Substantial improvement has made the planning of Chinese blocks clearly divided and highly ordered, which is also the basic condition for neighborhood communities to survive in a society; third, the time cost of modern cities is gradually increasing, and people need to pay a certain cost to complete some the needs of things.

However, unlike Nextdoor’s model of hiring staff to meet community life services, Fan Life takes community employment as the entry point, encouraging community residents to register as community housekeepers, using skills such as maintenance, housekeeping, accounting, lawyers, etc., or using time to undertake All kinds of errands and help business. A piece of news about a fan life community assistant was broadcast on Zhejiang TV. A retired auntie worked as a community assistant in her own community. She used her spare time to pick up couriers for her neighbors on weekdays. She earned no less than 1,000 yuan a month in the fan life app. income. The dual-engine closed-loop of multi-frequency interaction and community employment has become an important reason why fans' life has attracted the attention of capital.

Repeated epidemics, social needs of neighbors continue to grow

The so-called "distant relatives are not as good as near neighbors", although the relationship between people on the neighborhood social platform cannot be as close as in the social network of acquaintances, but its advantage lies in forming a reliable network with the help of distance, allowing users to feel the convenience of life. improve.

Compared with ordinary online communities, because the neighborhood community is closely integrated with offline activities, the need for interaction between neighbors may continue when the epidemic restricts people from going out for a long time. The United States is the hardest hit area by the epidemic. After social isolation, people's needs for the community and online interaction will be higher. During the epidemic, Nextdoor launched the "Neighbor Mutual Help Program", which allows people on Nextdoor to help the inconvenient. Neighbors who go out to pick up go to Walmart to pick up.

It is not difficult to see from the above that when you have any needs, you may think of such an app that not only meets your needs through community members, but also may “pay for commercial services”. This has also become a factor that boosts fan life to occupy more opportunities in the market. It is reported that Fan Life has covered more than 1,000 cities in China, serving 20K+ communities.

The repeated global epidemic has made more people urgently need to improve the convenience and safety of life. The capital market has once again shown its attention and recognition to the neighborhood social market. With the listing of Nextdoor App in the United States, it has brought a positive signal to the neighborhood social track. This will also become the foundation for the fans' life to deeply deploy the Chinese community market and bring about changes in the neighborhood.

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