How to Use Whatsapp Messenger Correctly?

WhatsApp is a instant messaging app. Its functions are powerful and convenient, and it has become the best choice for many companies to acquire customers and market.WhatsApp Messenger occupies a large market globally and has a large user base, which means that the traffic on the WA platform is very large and has mining value, which is very important for foreign trade salesmen to develop customers.

However, WA also has some problems, such as account bans. Once the account is banned, it is very difficult to retrieve it. Therefore, when using WA, you should also pay attention to whether you have violated regulations. Next, this post will share with you the process and precautions for applying for unblocking.

Whatsapp Messenger

Common reasons for Whatsapp Messenger bans

The IP address is unstable at runtime

The IP used when logging in is different from that when registering, which will cause the IP to become unstable.

The security factor of registration information is low

The mobile phone number used for registration has low stability, so try to use some information with a relatively high safety factor and stability factor to register.

Perform frequent operations as soon as the account is registered

As soon as the account is registered, a large number of contacts are added and messages are sent. In many foreign social media software, the system will check that the operation is frequent, and the account will be directly judged as a machine operation.

Sending a large amount of information containing advertisements

Don't send lots of links and advertising messages to friends or groups.

How to unban WA account after being banned?

First, clear all WhatsApp Messenger related cache data and uninstall it, then download Whatsapp latest version,register with the previously bound number, enter the appeal page, describe the problems you have encountered in detail.Or enter the entrance to the FAQ, jump to The interface for problem feedback, describe your problem in detail and ensure to abide by the rules, send the email to the designated mailbox, wait for the result of the appeal, and generally receive a reply in about 24 hours.

Attention points for WA anti-ban

The number of development letters sent every day is controlled within a certain range

It is best not to send messages to strangers for the first 5 days of the newly registered account.First interact with the contacts and friends in the mobile phone address book to improve the credibility of the account, and then you can send 10-20 messages after 5 days, and control it after 1 month Within 50 letters, it will be controlled at about 100 per day after 3 months. However, doing so is only to minimize the risk, and does not completely guarantee the elimination of the risk.

Try to make WA account stay active

If you haven't logged in to your WA account for a long time (one or two months), the system will consider that you no longer need to use this account, and it will be banned.

Don't send a large amount messages in one go after a long absence

After the number of mass marketing messages has increased to a relatively large amount, it has not been sent for a period of time, and it is easy to get banned if you use a large amount when you send it again.

If it has not been sent for a period of time, it is best to reduce the number of messages sent and then add them up slowly.

Do not switch VPN lines frequently

If the line of the VPN software is frequently switched in the same day, it is easy to cause the account to be banned. It is best not to switch the line frequently within a day.

Don’t switch phones frequently to log in

If you frequently switch mobile phone logins in a short period of time, it is also easy to lead to account bans, especially for newly registered WhatsApp Messenger accounts. It is recommended not to switch mobile phone logins for new accounts. If the account has been used for more than 1 month, it is recommended to log in at most once a day if you change your mobile phone.

Keep the VPN line unobstructed

Problems with the VPN line will also lead to the account being banned. Prepare a few more VPN software, and you can switch at any time to prevent pollution.

The above is the process and precautions for WA's unban.

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