How to Use Kingroot APP?

Kingroot android version is a app specially designed for android system to obtain ROOT permission with one click. Kingroot app is rich in functions, built with a Root core defense engine, which can warn of dangerous authorization and prevent virus intrusion. Through the kingroot app, users can automatically uninstall unnecessary applications, making your phone run more smoothly.

Kingroot APP

kingroot app function

1. Deep mobile phone beautification

Super acceleration, ending the freeze, making the phone lighter and smoother.

2. Manage self-starting at boot

Manage root permissions of applications and warn of dangerous authorization behaviors in advance.

3. Uninstall pre-installed software

Uninstall system pre-installed applications, more space and faster operation.

4. Rights management

After rooting, it is more free and convenient to manage the permissions of the application.

How to use Kingroot APP?

How to use the PC version of kingroot is as follows:

1. Preparations

Turn on the two options of "USB debugging" and "Install apps from unknown sources" on your Android phone.

2. Connect the mobile phone

Make sure that the mobile phone driver on the computer is installed correctly,otherwise the software cannot be used normally.

3. Root function

The use of kingroot is very simple. After confirming that the mobile phone is connected, directly click the one-key root button in the kingroot interface. After starting root, the mobile phone will automatically restart. Just follow the prompts given by the software, and be sure to read the text prompts carefully.

After the root is completed, the software provides the function of testing and verifying (whether the root is successful or not), and it is not necessary to verify.

How to use kingroot to get root privileges with one click?

Obtaining the root authority through third-party software can access and modify almost all files in the mobile phone operating system, but this operation may affect the stability of the mobile phone and cause human failures such as crashes and restarts. In addition, after obtaining the permission, it generally causes defects on the main components on the main board such as memory and CPU.

Root belongs to modify the operating system software, and does not belong to the scope of repair according to the regulations. In order to improve customer satisfaction, Samsung provides free firmware upgrade services to Root customers. If Root has affected the mobile phone hardware and needs to replace the motherboard, it needs to charge the motherboard fee.

If you need to restore the machine to the original system version after rooting the machine, please send the machine to the Samsung service center, and the after-sales engineer will help to check and deal with it. Restoring the device to factory settings by yourself cannot remove root privileges.

Kingroot FAQ

1. Will failure to use kingroot root cause damage to the phone?

Kingroot APP has been strictly tested to ensure the stability of the software and ensure that it will not cause any damage to the phone.

2. What should I do if root fails?

Just exit the kingroot software directly, this operation will not cause any harm to the phone.

3. Why is the prompt "Phone has been temporarily rooted" after I finish the operation?

Some models cannot obtain permanent root privileges because the manufacturer locks the phone. Temporary root means that you can get root before restarting, and you can delete software and the like.

4. Why is my phone stuck at 40% of the root progress bar?

Some models are rooted completely by the manufacturer, so they will get stuck at this step.

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