How to update Android 12?

The Android 12 system has not been officially launched, and many friends want to know how to update Android 12.

Android 12

The following small series will give you a detailed introduction, I believe it will be helpful to you.

  1. Android 12 has not been officially released yet and cannot be updated directly.
  2. MIUI13 has recently launched an internal test activity, and qualified users can participate in the test to update Android 12.
  3. Oppo users can return to the original Android system first, and then use the wire brush package to brush the ColorOS12 system on the mobile phone.
  4. The same is true for other brands of mobile phones. You can pay attention to the official news. If the model can participate in the internal test of the system, you can update it by participating in the test.
  5. After the official push, we only need to enter the system update interface of the mobile phone settings to update Android 12.

Android 12 system features:

custom personalization

With the introduction of the design language Material You in Android 12, users will be able to fully personalize their phones with custom color palettes and redesigned gadgets. With color extraction, users can choose their own wallpaper, and the system will automatically determine the color settings that suit the user. These colors can then be applied to the entire operating system, including the notification shade, lock screen, volume controls, new widgets, and more.

Simplify interactions

Android 12 simplifies interactions and redesigns the entire underlying system, including a 22% reduction in CPU time required for core system services and a 15% reduction in system server usage of large cores.

notification bar

Android 12's notification shade lets users quickly see app notifications, including anything they're listening to or watching. Quick settings are also supported, allowing users to control almost any operating system with swipes and taps. The Quick Settings space isn't just different in look and feel, Google Pay and Home Control have both been redesigned inside, while still allowing for customization.

hot key

In Android 12, users can long-press the power button to invoke Assistant to make calls, open apps, ask questions, or read text-heavy articles aloud. [5]

Privacy and Security

The security and privacy of Android 12 are further improved, ensuring that users have more knowledge and more restrictions on the data that apps are accessing their own data. The Privacy Dashboard provides a single view of a user's permission settings, as well as what data is being accessed, how often and which apps are accessed. Users can also easily revoke app permissions from the dashboard.

Android 12 adds a new indicator to the top right of the status bar that lets users know when an app is accessing the device microphone or camera. Two new toggle keys can be found in Quick Settings if users want to remove app access to these sensors throughout the system.

Users also have increased control over the amount of information shared. With the new Approximate Location permission, apps can be restricted to only seeing the user's approximate location, rather than their precise location. Weather apps, for example, don't need precise locations to provide accurate forecasts.

In Android 12, Google introduced the Android private computing core to enhance the security and privacy of users' personal information. The private computing core realizes functions such as real-time subtitles, playback and intelligent reply. All audio and language processing happens on-device, isolated from the network, to protect user privacy. Like the rest of the Android system, the protections of the private computing core are open source and fully scrutinized and verifiable by the security community.

control the car

With Android 12, users can control their cars. Google has partnered with automakers to develop a digital car key, a feature that allows users to lock, unlock and start their cars from their phones.

Game "Play while you go"

Android 12 supports an incremental file system, allowing Android games to play while downloading updates in the background.

Conversation widget

Android 12 supports dialog widgets, which support notifications and the number of different applications that can be displayed on the desktop. In addition, the dialog widget also has an easter egg, which can automatically change the background of the widget according to the received message. When the received message contains multiple emoji expressions, the background will also display colored emoji expressions.

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