How does YouTube Go Download YouTube Videos on Phone?

YouTube Go is designed for users with poor internet connection. The interface is similar to YouTube. The biggest difference is that YouTube Go has designed a download button, which allows users to download to their mobile phones in advance, so that they can seamlessly watch in places where the network is poor (when commuting) and where there is no network.

YouTube Go

In addition, you can also adjust the quality of the downloaded video to control the size of the video, and even share the video (Bluetooth transmission) to nearby friends without consuming network traffic (currently only released on the Android system, iPhone friends can only wait~)

Since YouTube Go is designed for use in countries with poor Internet development, more advanced countries such as the United States, Japan, Canada, South Korea, France, and the United Kingdom cannot download it, and Taiwan is currently unable to download it, if necessary. Only through VPN.

YouTube Go videos download guide

  • Download videos according to the size of your mobile phone, and download support preview. But not every video can be downloaded directly, it still depends on whether the publisher provides download.
  • There are send and receive buttons below, you can quickly share videos with friends via Bluetooth, and the process does not consume network traffic.

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