Hamachi App Download and Use Tutorial

Hamachi App is a popular software for setting up virtual local area network. In short, it forms a local area network between any two computers.

You can find the download link for Hamachi app on the Android app apk download platform.

After the download is complete, double-click to open it. The first one you see is the language selection interface. It has been selected according to the language of the system. You can also choose another language by yourself.

After clicking "Next" and "I agree", the interface for selecting the installation address will appear, which is usually the default here, and then click "Install" to install.

Hamachi App

When errors 2503 and 2502 are encountered during installation

This is because of insufficient permissions, exit the installation first, and then:Right-click the Microsoft icon in the lower left corner of the desktop and open "Command Prompt (Admin)"

Enter: msiexec /i C:\Hamachi_2.2.0.279.msi in the "command line prompt" (pay attention to spaces and do not use Chinese punctuation), so that you can open the installer with administrator privileges.

Start using Hamachi App

After installing Hamachi App, you can directly check "Start hamachi" to start, or click its desktop icon to start.

After starting hamachi, this is the main interface. At this time, the offline state is displayed, and you can't do anything.

Click the Start button under "System", and after it is parsed, the following interface will appear. Because this is a foreign network, the registration information of hamachi will pop up. If it is in China, the information on the webpage cannot be displayed, that is, no matter whether you click "Login" or "Register", it cannot be used. Just close it.

At this time, you may be very happy to directly press "Create a new network", then let's try to press it directly now, will it be created successfully. Set the "Network ID" and "Password", confirm it, and still prompt whether to register or log in.

This is because the new version of hamachi needs to be registered on the official website, and the official website cannot be accessed. Please find a way to register an account on the official website.

After registration, verify the activation of the mailbox. It will enter the background of hamachi. At this time, punch in the hamachi client, select "system" → "parameters" → "connect", then enter the account you just registered, and press "connect".

Then the client will send a request to your backend, which you need to choose to accept or reject. (After rejection, this hamachi cannot be accessed through your network)

At this time, open your hamachi background (you can log in from the hamachi official website), and you can see the access request just sent from "My Network".

Click "Accept" and "Save", you can see the change of the hamachi client interface.

Previously, two buttons would appear in the blank area below the startup: create a new network and join an existing network. If it doesn't appear, you can find it in "Network" on the menu bar.

The first time you use it, you have to create a new network. After the above steps, you can create it smoothly at this time.

Your friends, you only need to enter the network ID and password you created through "Join an Existing Network" to join.As you can see from the interface, the computers of you and your friends have formed a local area network. At this time, games and homegroups in the local area network can all see each other.

Connection problem solving

When playing a game, such as Minecraft, it supports LAN connection. At this time, when you open the "multiplayer game", you can see the game created by the other party. But sometimes you can't join the game, this is because the firewall of windows is blocked, at this time, you only need to close the firewall properly.

Or add the hamachi client and minecraft (game) to the list that is allowed to pass through the firewall.

Unable to connect to engine

I haven't used hamachi for a long time, but I suddenly wanted to use hamachi, but found that hamachi could not be opened, and it prompted "Cannot connect to the engine", this is because some optimization software will turn off hamachi's services during this period of time without users. At this time Just turn on the service.

Press Win+r, open Run, enter services.msc, find "LogMeIn Hamachi Tunneling Engine", right click "Start"

The server reported an error while creating the network

This is an error prompted by an old version of hamachi when creating a network, because a LogMeIn account was not added. You need to upgrade to the latest version of hamachi, and then follow the above "connection start" steps to connect.


  • A LogMeIn account can be used by multiple clients. Except for logging in to the background, other clients only need to enter the account and wait for approval.
  • After creating a new network, only 5 members can be added to a network ID. If you need to add more, you can create a new network, which will also form a local area network.
  • If you do not want to log in to the LogMeIn background frequently to approve access requests, you can set "Auto-Approve Join Requests" in the "NetWork Settings" in the background.

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