Everything You Nedd to Know about App Cloner When Using

App Cloner is the most powerful and customizable dual-camera app ever. You can easily clone third-party applications. You only need a simple clone to generate an independent installation package and install it, and you can have two applications with the same functions. Of course, in order to distinguish, you can change a name or change the style and color of the icon, and then you can generate a new installation package!

App Cloner can extend cloned apps to add features such as password protection, incognito mode, hide Android ID or spoof location. You can also force apps to consume data only over Wi-Fi. There are 200+ app customization options, with more added with every update.

Software Features

  • With app cloner,you can create a copy of an installed app;
  • The cloned application will run independently of the original application. This means that cloned apps will not be updated automatically;
  • Cloned apps can also be used to target single-account apps such as Facebook or Skype;
  • Cloned apps use specific settings and local file storage;
  • You can also rename the cloned app and modify the launcher icon to differentiate it from the original app.

Clone parameter

Remove permissions:

With App Cloner deciding the permissions of the cloned app, we can get an app with clean permissions. However, use this with caution, as some applications will not be able to start if their permissions are restricted.

Private Mode:

This private mode has the same logic as the private mode of some browsers. Cloned apps with "Private Mode" turned on can be closed directly in the notification shade, and data is cleared when exiting. This is still very useful.

Password protection:

Due to its very powerful cloud security algorithm, Alipay has long given up password protection, which makes many users very uneasy. With App Cloner, you can enable a separate password for cloned apps, which you must enter every time you enter the app.


  • Not all apps can be cloned! Cloned apps may crash, display errors, or not work properly;
  • Features that depend on the app certificate (such as Google Login, Google Play Services, Google Play Games, Google Drive Backup or In-App Purchases) will not work!
  • Cloning an app will change its certificate, which means cloning may not work correctly if the app validates the certificate or uses advanced copy protection;
  • To install clones from a device, "Settings > Security > Unknown Sources" needs to be enabled. If the Install button is disabled or not clicked, you must temporarily disable overlay apps such as chat stickers, blue light filters, or floating widgets;
  • You can enable the App Cloner installation service to fully automate application installation;
  • Antivirus applications may display warnings about cloning applications. These warnings are false positives and can be ignored. They are caused by unofficial certificates used to sign clones.

Privacy Options

  • Password protected apps, including stealth mode
  • Fake calculator app
  • Disable access to contacts, calendar, call log and clipboard
  • Exclude apps from latest news
  • Incognito mode for the app
  • Close the on-screen exit application
  • Change or hide Android ID, IMEI/IMSI, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth MAC
  • Randomize build props to prevent device fingerprinting
  • Hide Wi-Fi information, hide SIM and carrier information
  • Remove permissions and disable permission prompts

Advanced Features

The free version allows basic cloning. Upgrade to Premium to enjoy a full suite of premium options:

  • Clone premium apps (Messenger, Gmail, Fake GPS app, Bukalapak, GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, VK, Parallel Space)
  • Create multiple application clones and use batch clones
  • Save cloned apps
  • Replace launcher icons
  • Clone watch apps and watch faces

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