Crossy Road:Video Game Reviews and Experence Share

Crossy Road is an arcade style video game. This is a casual game used to pass the fragmented time. The operation is simple and easy to use. I personally think it is quite interesting. In the game, the player controls a villain who has to venture across the road due to a hurry, with a small resting area between each road. There are neither zebra crossings nor traffic lights here, there are only endless traffic and endless roads. Players can squat and wait for a safer time, but traffic never decreases.

To a large extent, the fun of this game lies in collecting different new characters. The lottery-style character acquisition method adds a touch of mystery and surprise, and the little easter eggs hidden by various characters are also very interesting. For example, using Frankenstein will turn the picture into black and white, accompanied by the occasional lightning.

Highlights of Crossy Road

  • It seems simple to operate, but it is very difficult to get a high score!
  • 100+ cute little monsters to join, each with unique skills!
  • Unlimited clearance mode, ranking battle of abusing hearts and friends!
  • Randomly changing scenes give you different exciting adventures!
  • Collect game gold coins and experience the fun of unlocking cute pets!

Features of Crossy Road

  • There are many different levels in the game, in which players need to constantly take risks;
  • The scenes of each level are also very different, sometimes in the forest and sometimes in the ice and snow;
  • No matter where it is, players need to concentrate on playing this game. After all, if there is something that cannot be avoided, the consequences should be understood.

How to play Crossy Road?

The operation of the game is still very simple, players only need to click on the screen to control the chicken to jump;

Make sure that the chicken can move forward safely and not be blocked by various obstacles in front, as well as various vehicles on the road;

When you see a vehicle, you must pay attention to avoid it, otherwise the chick will be killed by the car.

Reviews and Experence Share

In the game, players need to control a chicken to cross the road and face rampant vehicles. How should you reach your destination safely? (Of course, I don't know how far the destination is.) If you want to cross the road safely, you will test the player's hand speed, observation and reaction ability.

First of all, the gameplay of the game is not new. I've played similar games before. Then the overall style of the game gives me the feeling that I have played it before. I don't know if I have played this game before, otherwise it gives me the feeling that this game is more like plagiarism and skinning. In any case, the gameplay of this game is more casual, but the gameplay is not impossible to improve, and if it can be improved, it will be quite interesting.

The mechanics of the game largely determine the difficulty of the game. If the chicken controlled by the player stays in one place for too long and does not move forward, the game will automatically move the screen, and the chicken will naturally be abandoned at the edge of the screen. Once the chicken is abandoned to the edge of the screen, there will be an eagle suddenly Fly over and take the chick away, then the game is lost. So the longer you hesitate in this game, the faster you die. I was a little uncomfortable with this mechanism before. I hope that there will be a difficulty rating later, after all, not everyone can get started so quickly.

The best way to play this game well is to keep practicing. I will share some tips here, which may help you practice. First of all, the traffic of vehicles in the game is not as fast as imagined. Generally, on a narrow road, the car can fly all the way as soon as it passes by. Don't hesitate too much when you can fly. If your hand speed is slow, you are likely to be hit by a car. If your hand speed is fast, you can usually pass through these relatively narrow passages safely. If you hesitate, you will basically die.

It is more difficult to pass through a wider road, because the vehicles on these wider roads are very dense and fast. At this time, the reaction ability and hand speed are more tested. But what I want to complain more about is that I still can't see what the refresh of the vehicle is. I still hope that the refresh of the vehicle can be touched regularly by the player, otherwise, sometimes luck will determine the player's performance in this game.

In fact, on a relatively wide road, once the vehicles are not particularly dense and they can pass through withm brainless,. I tried this method and it is actually possible, but sometimes the luck is not good and it is easy to die, which tests the player's eyesight. Because if you can quickly detect which car can hit the chick, you can react immediately. Otherwise, when you are about to hit the car, you are ready to react, no matter how fast your hand speed is, it is useless, because when the chick changes When the direction moves, there is a certain forward rocking time. I hate this moving forward swing, and I prefer to remove the forward swing when the chick moves. In this case, it will become a game that tests the player's hand speed, and it will be relatively exciting. (There is a front rocker, but it's relatively short. If the car is about to hit and it reacts and is hit, it proves that it was rocked by the front rocker)

In addition, the operation limitations of the game will be relatively large. I personally feel that the game can enrich the operating system more. For example, for the chicken controlled by the player, while removing the front shake, it provides a leaping operation. It will not be hit by the car on the ground when flying in the air, and it can glide in the air for a period of time, and various harmful birds can also be added in the air. to increase the difficulty.

The obstacles in the game also have trains, and when the train is going to pass the track, there will be a red light reminder. But when the train passes by, it is a moment. Personally, I feel that when the train passes by, it can be slow, or the length of the train can be lengthened. Keeping the train in the form of an obstacle in front of the player for a longer period of time makes the game more difficult and more realistic at the same time. But it's better not to have too many trains that block for a long time.

In addition, various props can be added to the game, which will become a parkour game, such as a shield that can be immune to one-time damage, invincibility for a short time, and everything in the frozen field, making the frozen things run slowly. In addition to boosting props, you can also engage in props with negative effects, such as freezing yourself, eating poison or something.

Disney Crossy Road can take a long time, you can get characters without spending money, and there are a lot of hidden characters to collect. I usually play for more than an hour a day, and I can draw about two or three characters a day. It is very easy to play but also satisfies the desire to collect.

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