Candy Crush Saga Game Experience Tricks Share

Candy Crush Saga is a tantalizing match-3 game where you need to resist the sweet temptation and eliminate candies. Players know that it is easy to eliminate candy, but it is also difficult to pass many levels and get a high score. There are many levels, many tasks, and various props in Candy Crush Saga game. However, all levels have similar points. If you master these points, you will be more confident when you pass the level. The editor will share with you the experience of high score breakthrough.

candy crush saga game

Suggestion 1:

You can quickly find the positions of special candies such as Wulian and TL at the beginning of the game.

Quickly pass the level, a good start is very important, the so-called beginning of everything is difficult. So what makes a good start? If the masters play match-3, they will start to eliminate immediately if they don't come up. Although the race against every second is important, it still takes 1 or 2 seconds to see the overall situation. Only by having a better strategy can we have a better grasp of the overall situation. At the beginning of the game, you need to pay attention to whether there is an opportunity to directly form a special candy such as 5th, 4th, or TL, and whether there is a point that can directly open the breakthrough of the level card. If there is, do these first, which will improve the chance of passing the level.

Suggestion 2:

Find the difficulty of this level and focus on it.

After seeing whether there are special eliminations, you should think about what the difficulty of this level is. Every map has different points to pay attention to. Many players have passed the level several times, and the consecutive failures are all in the same place. So what are the characteristics of these places and what kind of countermeasures are used to eliminate them. Only when the thinking is correct can a correct solution be formulated.

Suggestion 3:

The use of special candies should play the greatest role.

When you get to the next level, you will find that time is getting less and less and the difficulty is getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on the interaction between special candies to open the situation in a limited time. First make a few special candies, and then don't rush to use the special candies immediately, it is best to save up to 2-3, and then use the interaction between them to maximize the elimination effect.

Suggestion 4:

Always pay attention to the progress, balance the production of combos, the production of special candies, the target task and the time between tasks and high scores, and achieve a balance point.

It is impossible to make several special candies that fill the screen, but within the specified time, the jelly has not been eliminated. In this way, it is still impossible to pass the customs, and all the previous efforts have been turned to the east. As for the choice of manufacturing and time, it still depends on the accumulation of experience to make judgments.

The above points are for players to experience carefully and practice a lot.

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