Android apk opening and installation tutorial

Android apk opening and installation tutorial

APK is the application file format of Android programs. In short, it is the application file of Android mobile phones. We can also directly open this type of file on the computer. Let’s share it today;

Find the apk file, right-click, select the [Rename] function at the bottom, and then we will change the extension [apk] to [zip];

Click [Yes], tap the modified zip file, right-click and select [Extract to Android software], after the decompression is complete, double-click to open the file to browse the apk file;

Android apk install

1.APK is the abbreviation of AndroidPackage, that is, the Android installation package (apk). APK is a file format like Symbian Sis or Sisx. It can be installed by directly transferring the APK file to the Android emulator or Android phone.

  1. On the Android platform, the executable file of dalvik vm is packaged into apk format, and the final runtime loader will decompress and obtain the security access related to the permission branch in the compiled androidmanifest.xml file, but there are still many security restrictions, if You will find that the execution is unlimited when you transfer the apk file to the /system/app folder.

The installed files may not be in this folder, and in androidrom, the system apk files will be placed in this folder by default, and they have root permissions.

  1. Click to open directly in the Android emulator of the Android phone or computer, and the system will automatically perform the installation operation.

The above is the introduction of how to open and install the apk file. I hope the above introduction can help you.

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