Aloha Browser for Android Using Guide

Aloha Browser for Android is a fast and simple mobile browser, specially built for mobile search, with built-in super functions to help you open various web pages. This mobile browser can individually set browser password, privacy mode and anti-tracking, and its built-in virtual private network can realize one-click concealment, and many functions make Aloha Browser very special.

Aloha Browser for Android

Features of Aloha Browser Android

  • All major search engines can switch and use various search engines, switch your favorite engine to search for content;
  • Download file resources online at high speed, and download the required security files, videos, documents and pictures more safely;
  • Accurate search and high-speed response, powerful search service to meet the needs of old love, accurate and fast search according to the content;
  • The virtual reality video is played online, and the virtual reality video is played online or offline, bringing you a brand new video playback experience;
  • A professional private mode is available. Private mode does not keep historical data, access records and search records.

Highlights of Aloha Browser App

  • Set the browser password you need online anytime. Privacy protection is not leaked, safe to use, say goodbye to password leakage;
  • Fast and free web browser, use a high privacy browser to access web pages, enter the desired website, say goodbye to website anti-tracking;
  • Provides a lot of features you need. At the same time, there are many plugins to choose from, and you can freely add plugins to the browser for use.

Advantages of Aloha Browser for Android

  • Quickly browse various websites, one-click quick search, browse messages from various websites faster, no longer wait for search;
  • No ads pop-ups and other message pop-ups, no distractions, easy to use, make your visit faster and have a cleaner look.

how to use it?

Interface settings

By clicking on the small gear, you can customize the browser theme style and RSS feed information, and long press the site name to delete the shortcut access method of the site.

Common Functions

The homepage menu provides more commonly used functions such as night mode, reading mode, desktop mode, translation and search, and the built-in ad blocking function that is turned on by default works relatively well.

Play function

Built-in player of Aloha Browser android supports background video playback, VR video conversion and video download. Swipe left and right on the screen during playback to rewind or fast-forward the video, and the small lock icon locks the screen to prevent accidental touches.

Security Privacy

Privacy configuration options, which provide security options such as browser password, whether to allow screenshots, automatically clear browser records, and enforce HTTPS, play a crucial role in protecting browser privacy.

Virtual network

There is a small shield icon on the left side of the Aloha Browser search box. Clicking it will automatically enter the virtual network state, which can effectively hide your network traces. After enabling, long press to manually select a network node.

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