7 Best Beauty Camera App for Android 2022

Which beauty camera app is easy to use? In today's society, more and more people like to take selfies, but not everyone is suitable for taking selfies.The P-picture mobile phone software gives us a good Selfie experience. Beauty camera software is the software that can provide beauty function when taking pictures, and it is also an indispensable software for us to take pictures now. So which beauty camera app is easy to use? Today, the editor has compiled some useful beauty camera software for you , Let's take a look!

beauty camera app

1. Sweetsnap

Sweetsnap is a relatively easy-to-use beauty camera app. In addition to the basic beauty functions, it also has different styles of filters, stickers, and custom picture content, allowing you to post-modify whether you are taking selfies or others. It also supports one-click upload to social platforms.

Download SweetSnap latest version for Android. It is a full-featured and very practical photo artifact. It integrates dynamic stickers, video recording, dynamic emoticon package production, and automatic beauty and skin beauty functions. Professional parameters, smooth photo speed , giving you a shooting experience comparable to that of a SLR, helping you quickly take perfect photos to meet the needs of different users.

2. Sweet Selfie

Sweet Selfie app is a camera that is popular all over the world. It integrates a variety of dynamic stickers, recording videos, making dynamic emoticons, and automatic beauty and skin beauty functions.

Sweet Selfie Camera app is a very useful selfie software that can provide you with good beauty selfie effects. A variety of filters and beautification effects are built in, allowing users to take better-looking photos. There is also the effect of intelligent makeup, even if you take a selfie without makeup, you can create the effect of temperament and full makeup. This time we bring you the member-direct version. After the installation is complete, you will become a plus member, and you can use more functions of the advanced version.

3. YouCam Makeup

Perfect is the production company of the YouCam series of apps. The company has launched a variety of YouCam series apps, including YouCam Perfect for selfies; YouCam Vedio for videos; YouCam Nail for nail art; YouCam Fun for AR selfies and real-time filters , and YouCam Shop, a shopping app for beauty products.

Perfect has launched yet another AI-powered AR beauty app: YouCam Makeup. According to the editor, the application has the ability to detect faces, and can preview the preview effects of lipstick, color contact lenses and other cosmetics in real time through AR technology. At the same time, it also supports real-time replacement of hair color, etc., and provides 1-to-1 beauty consultants.

In addition, the app can also take personalized selfies through AR filters, and also supports the virtual addition of earrings, glasses and other preview effects through AR.

Compared with other AR apps, YouCam Makeup claims that it can provide a more realistic preview effect.

4. Camera 360

Camera360 (Camera 360) is a powerful mobile photography software based on iOS, Windows Phone and Android. A variety of camera shooting modes can take photos with different styles and special effects. The special effect camera also provides a wealth of special effect filters, so you can easily take master-level photos without PS. It also supports editing photos after shooting, and sharing photos to mainstream social networking sites such as Weibo and WeChat. At the same time, it has cloud service and Internet sharing functions; Camera360 has more than 800 million users worldwide.

5. BeautyPlus

The latest version of beautyplus camera is a product of Meitu, which focuses on face beautification. Now it is the same as the photo community. You can post your favorite photos on it, win others' likes, and let more users like you!

With BeautyPlus, you can instantly take great-looking perfect selfies and retouch your photos with the software's powerful photo editor: remove pimples, pimples or blemishes, smooth skin, whiten eyes, whiten teeth, slim face, reshape Body, try fashion makeup, use makeup remover to erase unwanted objects, add filters and special effects, add blur effects, add stickers, graffiti pens and more to enhance photos.

6. FaceTune2

Facetune2 is an easy-to-use selfie processing software. With the help of various editing tools, you can freely choose and adjust them to your liking, so that every photo can be 100% beautiful.

The software provides functions such as intelligent beauty, fine-tuning of facial features, etc., allowing you to repair advanced faces with one click, and make them look like you like, and the details are smoother, and there are a lot of materials, preset filters can choose.

7. AirBrush

AirBrush is a powerful picture editing software that can help users beautify pictures more quickly and save users a lot of time. The software also has other functions for beautifying pictures without charging any fees.

The operation of the software is very simple, and novice users can quickly learn and get started quickly according to the teaching video. In addition, it also has the function of automatically repairing photos, which can automatically restore photos damaged by users. Users can also use this software to take pictures, and after taking pictures, click on a beauty face to get exquisite pictures, which is very fast.

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